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Duan, Qing

段 晴

Professor of Sanskrit & Middle Iranian languages
Section of Sanskrit and Pali,
School of Foreign Languages,
Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China


Peking University
1971-1974: Germanistic 
1978-1982 (by Prof.Dr. Ji Xian Lin, Prof.Jiang Zhongxin) concentration: Indology, Russian Language and Literature, English

M.A. 1982, Peking Universtiy.

University of Hamburg (by Prof. Dr.R. E. Emmerick, Prof. Dr. L. Schmithausen, Prof. Dr. A. Wezler) concentration: Iranistic (with concentration on Middle Iranian Languages such as Khotanese, Pahlavi, Sogdian), Indology and Tibetology.

Ph.D. (graded as sehr gut) 1986, Hamburg / Germany

Dissertation:Das Khotanische Aparimitāyuḥsūtra, Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik Dissertation Band 3 Dr.Inge Wezler Verlag fuer Orientalistische Fach- publikationen. 

Promotor: .R. E. Emmerick. Advisors: L. Schmithausen, A. Wezler.

Sanskrit and Prakrit Department of Puna Universtiy, October 1996 - March 1997: Panini-sūtra.

Teaching positions held

1987-1992 Assistant Professor of Sanskrit, Peking University

1992-2000 Associate Professor of Sanskrit Peking University

2000-Professor of Sanskrit and Middle Iranian Languages, Peking University.

Professional services

2000- Director of the Section of Sanskrit and Pali.

2003- Vice Dirctor of Indian Study Center at Peking University.

2004- Director of Institute of Sanskrit manuscripts and Buddhist Literature at Peking Universtiy.


Main Publications


1. Das Khotanische Aparimitāyuḥsūtra, (《于阗语的无量寿经》)(著作)
Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik Dissertation Band 3
出版社: Dr.Inge Wezler Verlag fuer Orientalistische   Fachpublikationen,(东方学专业出版社)。

2. 《格林童话故事集》,河北少儿出版社,1996

3. 《安徒生童话集》,河北少儿出版社,1996

4. Introduction into Pāṇīni’s system《波你尼语法入门》,北京大学出版社,2001年。

5. (Translation)《梵语基础读本》,北京大学出版社,1996 (cooperated translation with Ji Xianlin)

6. Mahābhārata, acooperativ translation from Sanskrit into Chinese,the printing house of the CASS,December 2005.

7.  《汉译巴利三藏·长部》(A Chinese Translation of Dīghanikāya from Pali text),译自巴利语,上海中西书局,2012

8.  中国国家图书馆藏西域文书——梵文、佉卢文卷(Xinjiang Manuscripts Preserved in the National Library of China, vol 1, Sanskrit and Kharosthī Documents),上海中西书局, 2013

9.  《于阗·佛教·古卷》 (New Finds and Findings from Khotan ). Shanghai: Shanghai: Zhongxi Book Company. 2013. ISBN 978-7-5475-0543-4


Papers concentrated on Khotanese

1.       "Khotanese Words: Silkworm, Cocoon and Silk", published in: Papers in Honour of Prof. Dr. Ji Xianlin on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday, Volume I, 1991, Jiangxi, China.
This paper deals with three words which were wrongly explained by Bailey and Emmerick. drau- had been explained as 'grasping' by Bailey and as "deception" by Emmerick, but drau- is a well-attested word for hair, one single hair. The word is used metaphorically as thread. pära-, pera- means worm, but also silkworm. bīra- means cocoon.

2.       "A Khotanese Fragment from Lushun Museum", published in: Collection of Papers On Iranian Studies in China, Peking University Press, 1992 
This is a piece of Anantamukhadharani. In this book, the paper is published with a photo. Because the book is printed in small amount, the paper was published once again with a  lot of print mistakes in a Chinese journal. 
于阗语《出生无边门陀罗尼经》残片释读 19932期《西域研究》

3.       "To make cocoon for fastening oneself", published in: Minzuyuwen,No.1 1993. 作茧自负的来源19931期《民族语文》
The Chinese idiom to make cocoon for fastening oneself came from Lankāvatāra-sūtra. The similar idiom in Khotanese came also from Lankāvatāra-sūtra.

4.       "A newly discovered Khotanese wooden document from Xinjiang", published in: Journal of the Dunhuang and Turfan Studies, Volume II. 1997. 新疆新出于阗文木牍文书研究,载于《敦煌吐鲁番研究》第二卷,北京大学出版社1997

5.       "Chinese Envoys of Later Jin-Dynasty to Khotan", published in: Collection of Papers On Iranian Studies in China, Volume II, Peking University Press, 1998.

6.       《于阗语〈罗摩衍那〉的故事》《东方文学比较研究》,北京大学出版社,200310

7.       新发现的于阗语《金光明最胜王经》,《敦煌吐鲁番研究》第九卷,中华书局 2006年,第7-22页。

8.       “Two New Folios of Khotanese Suvarnabhāsottamasūtra”, Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2006, vol.10, 2007,325-336.

9.       The “Maitrī-bhāvanā-prakaraṇa, A Chinese Parellel to the Third Chapter of the Book of Zambasta” in M. Macuch, M. Maggi, and W. Sundermann (eds.), Iranian Languages and Texts from Iran and Turan. Ronald E. Emmerick Memorial Volume, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2007[2008]pp. 39-48.

10.    于阗文本《修慈分》,载于《西域文史》第三辑,科学出版社, 2009年,1-57页。

11.    于阗高僧买奴契约,载于《敦煌吐鲁番研究》第11卷,上海古籍出版社,2009

12.    和田博物馆藏于阗语租赁契约研究,载于《敦煌吐鲁番研究》第11卷,上海古籍出版社,2009

13.    于阗语《对治十五鬼护身符》载于《敦煌吐鲁番研究》第11卷,上海古籍出版社,2009

14.    明咒护身符,丹丹乌里克遗址——中日共同考察研究报告,文物出版社,2009

15.    Bisā- and Hālaa- in a New Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Documentthe Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol.3, 2009, 65–73.

16.    A Fragment of the Bhadrakalpa-sutra in Buddhist Sanskrit from Xinjiang, Sanskrit Manuscripts in China, China Tibetology Publishing House, 2009

17.    Mulberry in Khotanese, Bulletin of the Asia Institute, vol. 19, 2009.

18.    Misfortune caused by kings, Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2009, vol.12,2010.

19.    关于古代于阗的”,《张广达先生八十华诞祝寿论文集》,新文丰出版公司,20109月,第581-604页。

20.    Some Fragments of the Saṅghāṭa-sūtra from the Xinjiang Museum, Urumqi. Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2010, vol.14,2011.

21.    《僧伽吒经》残叶《新疆博物馆新获文书研究》,中华书局,20129月(待刊中)

22.    于阗语《佛说一切功德庄严王经》残叶《新疆博物馆新获文书研究》,中华书局,20129月(待刊中)

23.    萨波Vaisa之牒所隐括的社会变迁《新疆博物馆新获文书研究》,中华书局,20129月(待刊中)

24.    Hedin 24号文书释补,《语言背后的历史》,上海古籍出版社2012年,74-78ISBN 9787-7-5325-6537-5

25.    “The inscription on the Sampul Carpets”, the Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol.5, 2012, Brepols. pp. 95--100.

26.    段晴,策勒县文管所,《尉迟曜11年裴捺卖地案牍》,《西域文史》第七辑(K-1798.0101),201212月。123-138

27.    义净与实叉难陀,《国学的传承与创新》下册,上海古籍出版社,20134月,1109-1120ISBN978-7-5325-6616-7

28.    Duan Qing and Helen Wang, Were Textiles used as Money in Khotan in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries?
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society / Volume 23 / Issue 02 / April 2013, pp 307 325

29.    《舅卖甥女》案牍所映射的于阗历史,载于秦大树、袁旔主编《古丝绸之路》,2011年亚洲跨文化交流与文化遗产国际学术研讨会论文集,新加坡:八方文化创作室201310月,33—60页。978-981-4551-15-1

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31.    “Indic and Khotanese Manuscripts: New Finds and Findings from Xinjiang”.
Paul Harrison and Jens-Uwe Hartmann, eds., From Birch Bark to Digital Data: Recent Advances in Buddhist Manuscript Research. Papers Presented at the Conference Indic Buddhist Manuscripts: The State of the Field, Stanford, June 15–19 2009. Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, 80. Denkschriften der philosophisch-historischen Klasse, 460. Vienna. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. 2014. ISBN: 978-3-7001-7581-0. pp. 267—276.

32.    钱与帛——中国人民大学博物馆藏三件于阗语、汉语双语文书解析,《西域研究》2014年第129-38页,新疆社会科学院 20143月 第29-38页。ISSN1002-4743

33.    Puñadatta’s Life as Reflected in Khotanese DocumentsCOMMENTATIONES IRANICAE Vladimiro f. Aaron Livschits nonagenariodonum natalicium 435-445
Petropoli in ædibus Nestor-Historia MMXIII 2013

34.    Puñadatta’s contract of Sale of an estate,  Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2013, vol.17,2014.

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37.    穿越了时空的文字,《多浪龟兹》总第23期,201411月,81-85页。


Papers in other fields :

38.    西方鬼的故事:晚皮尔的传说 19923期《国外文学》

39.    慈悲者之城涅磐城 19932期 《南亚研究》

40.    面如满月:浅谈中印审美观的差异,载于《北京大学学报》1996东方文化研究专刊。

41.    《大唐西域记》瞿萨旦那国拾零,载于《东方研究》1996/7

42.    从《梨俱吠陀》读出的历史,载于《南亚研究》19971期。

43.    What does Indology specially mean for China,载于《东方研究》1998

44.    印度人的自然观初探,载于《南亚研究》19981期。

45.    几件与册封于阗王有关的于阗文书,载于《伊朗学在中国论文集》1998

46.    据史德语考,(与荣新江合作)发表于《中亚学刊》,新疆人民出版 20002月。本人写作部分约3000字。

47.    敦煌新出土叙利亚文书释读报告,载于文物出版社2000年出版《莫高窟北区石窟》。敦煌新出土叙利亚文书释读报告续篇,载于《敦煌研究》第四期。

48.    Ein Bericht über das neu entdeckte syrische Dokument aus Dunhuang/ChinaOriens Christianus, 852001.

49.    梵语与零的发现,《东方研究》2002年。

50.    梵语以及梵语的启示,《东方语言文字文化》北京大学出版社2002年。

51.    敦煌莫高窟北区出土的一件梵语残卷,《戒幢佛学》第二卷,岳麓书社,湖南长沙,200212月。

52.    The Study of Sanskrit at Peking University,     presented at first at Center for Advanced Studies, Oslo,Norwegen, 10th June 2002; Published in Fragile Palm Leaves, No.7, December 2545/2002, Bangkok, Thailand.

53.    唐代大秦寺与景教僧新释(北京大学盛唐研究丛书)《唐代宗教信仰与社会》,上海辞书出版社,20038月。

54.    Newly found Sanskrit Fragments from DunhuangAnnual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2002, vol. March 2003

55.    素材是人文科学的基础,《语言研究》第一期,北京大学出版社200212月。

56.    景教碑中的七时之说   2003/11/09    《伊朗学在中国论文集》(第三册),北京大学出版社 

57.    书评:林悟殊:《唐代景教再研究》              2003/03/14    《中国学术》商务印书馆

58.    vibhakti类词缀的补充说明          2003/07/31    《东方研究》22032003

59.    读薛克翘先生《中印文学比较研究》,《南亚研究》,2003年第2

60.    唐代大秦寺与景教僧新释 20038月(北京大学盛唐研究丛书)唐代宗教信仰与社会,上海辞书出版社,20038

61.    What does Indology mean specially for China 2004/10/31    Indology: Past Present and Future, Sahitya Akademi

62.    西域的胡语文书   2004/12/31    敦煌与丝路文化学术讲座(二),北京图书馆出版社

63.    西域语趣――读《正法华》、《妙法》随笔    2005/03/01   《中国学术》第二十一辑,商务印书馆

64.    大秦寺的守望者(随笔)  2005/11/01    《书城》杂志社

65.    筋斗背后的故事——从一个家喻户晓的词汇透视粟特文化的遗踪           2005/12/01    《粟特人在中国》,法国汉学第十辑,中华书局 

66.    悉昙字本说源      段晴       20061  《语言学论丛》第32辑,商务印书馆

67.    景域语趣――读《正法华》、《妙法》随笔

68.    In the Pursuit of Vyākaraṇa-elements in Chinese Translations, in Selected Papers of Beijing Forum 2007—The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All—Diversity in the Development of Human Civilization, PKU press 2008.

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71.    字里行间,汉译佛经所反映的梵文隐性现象;《季羡林先生与北京大学东方学》黄河出版传媒集团,阳光出版集团,201112月。ISBN978-7-80620-787-1

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73.    书评:Besprechung:Sanskrithandschriften aus den TurfanfundenOrientalistische Literaturzeitung 105, Germany

74.    宝藏遗踪——近年来和田地区新出非汉语类文书综述,《敦煌文献·考古·艺术综合研究》,中华书局,2011年。293305

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